Monday, May 24, 2004

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ThaiTel's iSpeak 2002 ****

Card ****

This card is pretty good. I have not had any problems connecting. I am charged correctly. The only problem I have ever had with the card is that sometimes I get disconnected after talking for about an hour. It's slightly annoying and I end up having to pay slightly more for calling.

ThaiTel's Country Road * *

Card **

This card has good rates. However, during busy periods, the calls don't go through and I am charged for the busy message (at the rate of 3 minutes). I've lost $3 over these charges. I would not recommend using this card because you don't know when you are going to hear the busy message and lose money. It's cheaper to use other cards.

ThaiTel's EasyLife *

Card *

This is one of ThaiTel's newer cards. It's cheaper than the others. It's pretty easy to connect. But, the sound quality is horrible. I hear echoes of my own voice. And the sound from the other end keeps getting cut off every few seconds. I could barely carry a conversation.

URTalking's UTalk Asia *

Card *

This card has many problems. First, I have only been able to connect once out of the tens of times I've tried. The circuits to Thailand seem to ALWAYS be busy. The only time I got through, the sound quality was awful. There were a lot of echoes and cross-wire talk. To top it off, after talking for a few minutes, I got disconnected! I do not recommend this card at all. Although the card is cheap, it is not worth the frustration. And, at the end I wasted money because none of my calls went through.

BKT card, BKK Plus *

Card *

All provided through the same access numbers (1-800-613-7238, 1-800-605-7506)

I bought these cards several times because I did not know they were providing service using the same network. The price of the cards are reasonable, but the quality is awful. I often hear loud glitches during the calls and I hear crosswire interference (other people's conversations). I believe that a lot of people use their services, so I it hard to connect to the access number and to connect to Thailand. I can barely get through to Thailand and have to put up with busy signals. They really need to increase their system capacity.

Where to buy calling cards


Asia airfare $17 for a card.


TollThai. I haven't used their service.

NetPhoneCard. I haven't used their service.

SpeedyPin. I haven't used their service. I haven't used their service. I haven't used their service.